Step 2 : Repair The Surface

Waterproofing Hydraulic Cement

  • Sets in 3-5 Minutes
  • Seals Deep Cracks & Holes
  • Works Underwater!
  • Also Anchors Railings & Posts

A non-shrink, high-strength waterproof mortar for concrete, masonry, brick, stone and stucco. Mix with water into a putty consistency. Sets in 3-5 minutes to stop active water leaks and seepage under pressure through holes, cracks, wall-floor joints, swimming pools, water storage tanks, fountains, ponds, and drains. Can be applied under water so pools do not have to be drained for crack repair. Also use to seal around pipe and to anchor hooks, bolts, and metal to concrete. Does not contain metallic aggregates or corrosive agents. Will not shrink or oxidize. Wear eye protection, dust mask and rubber gloves.

Surface Preparation: Clean surface thoroughly using wire brush and chisel to remove loose mortar, paint, dirt, grease, or oil. Chisel crack into inverted V (undercut shape). Remove any white, salt-like deposits (efflorescence) and neutralize alkalinity by etching surface with Damtite Concrete Cleaner or mild acid

Mixing: Mix only amount to be used immediately since mix will set in 3-5 minutes. Mixing Ratio: 3 parts powder to 1 part clean water. In clean container, add 1 part water first; then add 3 parts powder while stirring to putty consistency. Warm water will speed set time; cold water will slow it.

Application: Active leaks (water flowing): Mix and wait less than minute until mixture is warm. Form into ball and force into opening. Maintain pressure without twisting and hold in place for several minutes. Using trowel or putty knife, smooth patch before it dries. Non-leaking areas: Wet area well with clean water. Apply with trowel or putty knife, forcing mix into cracks or holes. Keep patch area dampened 10-15 minutes for proper curing and adhesion.Coverage:
2.5 lb fills a crack ¾ inch (1,9cm) wide by ¾ inch (1,9cm) deep by 2.5 feet (.8m); or 17 cubic inches (278cm³).
10 lb fills a crack 3/4 inch (1.9 cm) wide by 3/4 inch (1,9cm) deep by 10 feet (3m); or 68 cubic inches (1114cm³).
50 lb fills a crack 3/4 inch (1,9 cm) wide by 3/4 inch (1,9 cm) deep by 50 feet (15m); or 340 cubic inches (5570cm³).
Available in 2.5 lb., 10lb., and 50lb. Pails