Damtite Waterproofing

Leading Manufacturer of Masonry Waterproofing & Repair Products

Damtite is a leading manufacturer of a comprehensive range of high-performance products designed to repair, restore, waterproof, beautify and protect concrete, masonry, stone, brick and stucco. Our products are available in over 35 countries, providing comprehensive solutions across the residential and construction industries.

For over 68 years, Damtite has been one of North America’s most respected manufacturer of specialty masonry waterproofing and repair products. We have a time-proven track record of product quality, innovation, dependable performance and consistency – backed by unmatched customer service and technical support.

Damtite brand was founded in 1953 in Atlanta by a Georgia Tech chemical engineer. In 2001, a West Virginia University graduate industrial Engineer acquired the brand from the founder and relocated to Monongahela, Pennsylvania. Having only two owners over this time span, Damtite management has been able to develop and maintain long lasting relationships with our suppliers, our trading partners and our end-user customers.

We offer eco-friendly or “green” products. Our environmental stewardship and corporate responsibility contribute to our leadership status in the industry.

Damtite products are readily available at lumber yards, hardware supply stores, home centers, paint stores and specialty builder locations. For more information about Damtite products or to locate your nearest retailer, call us at 1-724-258-7175 or send a message to info@damtitewaterproofing.com.

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Environmental Stewardship and Corporate Responsibility

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Damtite Waterproofing believes in a world where environmental, societal, and economic qualities exist in balance to meet the resource needs of future generations.
We are steadfast in our corporate commitment to everything the earth provides – including natural resources and raw materials. We stand accountable for doing what is environmentally sound, socially acceptable and economically viable.
Our customers believe in our products because we go above and beyond the standards that society expects of a responsible company. Across our company, we view sustainability issues as being fundamental to the success of both our business and yours.

Environmentally Safe Products

As a manufacturer of various “Green Products” our company meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the green certification industry regarding the manufacturing and sale of environmentally safe products. We proudly display our own Eco-Safe Green Product Logo on Damtite labels for the following assurances:

All of our powder products, including our Powder Waterproofers, Hydraulic/Anchor Cements and Concrete Patches, are made with the materials from the Earth’s natural minerals.

Application of our Powder Products reduces CO² emissions as they do not expel Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. Application of these products reduces energy waste on heating or air conditioning by insulating the surface coated or patched and improves indoor air quality measures. Our containers are also recyclable.

Our Ready-Mixed Latex Waterproofers, Clear Sealers and Concrete Bonding Additives/Primers are low odor, water-based products that meet or exceed the strictest VOC regulations. In addition to improving indoor air quality measures the products are also sold in recyclable containers.

Corporate Sustainability

We adhere to the strictest green standards throughout our manufacturing process. Your application of our superior quality, long-lasting Damtite products results in greater sustainability as well as reduced long-term costs.

Damtite takes pride in our corporate responsibility for environmental stewardship. As an industry leader, Damtite also fully supports your company’s sustainability programs. Always feel free to let us know how we can help. We believe in the future.