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Damtite Decorate and Waterproof

Decorate & Waterproof

DAMTITE® Waterproofers are ideal to beautify, waterproof and protect concrete, masonry, stone, brick or stucco surfaces around your home or commercial project. This line includes Concrete Cleaner, Hydraulic Cement, Powder Waterproofers, Ready-Mixed Latex Waterproofers and acrylic bonding and additive primers. Start taking advantage of the unused basement or garage in your house! Ideal products for protecting concrete homes and buildings in sunny, tropical areas where salt-water causes damage to concrete and masonry.

Damtite Clear Concrete Sealer

Protect with Clear Sealers

Odorless, penetrating, water-based sealer provides a transparent protective coating over concrete, brick, mortar, tile, stucco and other masonry surfaces. Our ClearShield Water Repellent is perfect for driveways, sidewalks, garage floors patios and more!

Damntite Patches, Repairs, and Resurfacing

Patches, Repairs & Resurfacing

High strength mortars for thin section repair and resurfacing of concrete, brick, stucco, and masonry. Stronger than a regular cement mix.  Ideal for repairing chipped, cracked or spalled concrete. Our vinyl concrete patch can also build up broken step corners and resurface worn steps, walls, driveways and sidewalks.

Damtite Waterproofing Anchor Cement

Waterproofing Anchor Cement

A cement-based waterproof cement for setting bolts, hooks, fence posts, mailbox posts, hand railings, wood, metal, plastic or others into concrete or masonry. Our Anchor Cement is highs strength and non-shrinking. Sets in about 20 minutes.

Damtite Decorate and Waterproof

Seal Potable Water Cisterns

Our powder waterproofers are a safe coating for concrete drinking water cisterns and tanks. Follow the 3-process shown under Decorate & Waterproof to Prepare, Repair and Waterproof the inside of a cistern with one of our Damtite Powder Waterproofers and prevent the loss of water.


Damtite Clear Concrete Sealer

Coat High Alkaline Concrete

When water comes in contact with the high-alkali concrete, the calcium salts are drawn to the surface. Regular coatings normally do not adhere properly to these surfaces. Damtite Powder Waterproofers can solve this problem.

Fiberwall Surface Bonding Cement

An alkali-resistant, fiberglass-reinforced, Portland cement-base with sand, used for construction of concrete block walls by dry-stack (without mortar). Ideal to waterproof, strengthen, rehabilitate, reinforce, restore and beautify various existing deteriorating surfaces, including chimneys, retaining walls and other concrete, brick, stone, tile or stucco areas above & below grade on interior or exterior.