Bonding Primer Adhesive

  • Permanently Bonds New Concrete & Plaster to Existing
  • Eliminates Roughing Surface Before Applying Topping
  • Use as Prime Coat or Additive to Concrete, Plaster & Stucco Mixes
  • Super High-Strength

Clearshield is an odorless water-based sealer formulated to penetrate the surface of concrete, brick, mortar, tile, stucco and other masonry surfaces. It forms a water repellent shield for long lasting wear. It can be used on vertical and horizontal above-grade surfaces, interior and exterior. Clear Shield protects concrete driveways and walks against adverse effects of deicing salts (chloride ions), water, ice, and weathering damage. It will not discolor concrete. Clearshield-ST is a ready-to-use waterborne blend of siloxanes and silanes designed to penetrate deeply into the surface and to provide a long term protection from water intrusion on to Cantera stone, concrete, block, pavers, flagstone, terra cotta, sandstone and brick. Available in 1 gallon & 5 Gallon sizes.

Surface must be clean and completely dry. Remove any dirt, debris, oil or stains. Any cracks or loose joints must be repaired properly before applying Clear Shield. Pressure wash old concrete or brick with water. For vertical surfaces, use Damtite Concrete Cleaner to remove mildew or efflorescence (salt-like deposits). For new concrete, wait a minimum of 30 days for proper curing before applying.

Shake or stir well before using. Can be applied to dry or damp surfaces. As
Paint-on Prime Coat (do not dilute):

  1. Apply uniform coat (to thickness of paint) onto existing surface with a brush, roller or spray gun.
  2. For concrete mix applications, place new topping mix or patch on top of Damtite Adhesive coating as soon as it is dry to touch, typically within 2-3 hours. Plaster mixes should be applied within 1 hour, while the Damtite Adhesive is still tacky. Insure base coat plasters are dry before applying the Damtite Adhesive.
  3. If prime coat is cured over 48 hours, apply additional coat before applying concrete or plaster topping. As an Additive to cement-based mixes: Important When replacing water with this product, never exceed the total quantity of liquid recommended by manufacturer of the mix.

As a Paint-on Prime Coat: 150-300 sq ft per gallon (3.7 – 7.4 m/L).

As a Paint-on Prime Coat: 150-300 sq ft per gallon (3.7 – 7.4 m/L).

Clean all tools and equipment immediately with soap and water. Cured material may require scraping and cleaning materials for removal. Product can be permanently damaged if frozen. Store at normal temperatures with lid secured. Dispose of unused or damaged product in accordance with federal, state and local requirements.