Heavy Duty Powder Waterproofer

Damtite Heavy Duty Powder Waterproofer

  • 10 Year Guarantee
  • Economical, Easy-Mix Solution
  • Apply to Wet or Dry Walls
  • Breathable Film; No Moisture Trapped in Wall
  • Safe For Drinking Water Tanks & Cisterns

A Heavy-Duty, Portland cement-base, waterproofing coating for sealing, protecting & decorating walls and surfaces constructed of poured concrete, concrete/cinder block , masonry, stone, brick or stucco. Safe coating for sealing the inside of drinking water concrete tanks and cisterns. Easy to use; just add water (plus Damtite Bonding Additive for previously-painted or non-porous surfaces) and mix. Eliminates dampness; resists mold/mildew & flaking/chalking while beautifying and sealing all pores & voids. Unlike ready-mix paints which can only be applied to dry surfaces, this product is made for use on wet or dry surfaces. It withstands over 22 psi of hydrostatic pressure (equal to holding back a 48 foot high wall of water). Plus, it is breathable, so moisture does not get trapped behind the surface. It also reduces Radon Gas infiltration. Not formulated to withstand foot traffic. Tip: Wear protective gloves and goggles.

Most important step for best waterproofing results and adhesion. Clean the surface thoroughly with wire brush to remove any loose mortar, paint, dust, grease or oil. Then, follow our Step 1-2-3 Project Guideline: Step 1-Prepare the Surface: Remove powdery, salt-like, alkaline deposit (efflorescence) or form-oil residue with Damtite Concrete Cleaner. After 20-30 minutes, rinse surface well with water. Step 2-Repair the Surface: Fill holes, cracks or active water leaks and mortar joints with Damtite Hydraulic Cement. Step 3-Decorate & Waterproof: Apply two coats of this product. Important: using garden sprayer, hose set to fine mist or brush, completely dampen surface with clean water immediately prior to applying and keep surface wet during application.

Two coats required for best results & warranty! For smaller projects, apply with 4-row masonry brush; for larger projects, use plaster’s hopper spray gun. Insure surface is uniformly pre-wetted & dampened with clean water before applying each mix. Start at top of wall in corner and work down wall, applying liberal amount of product, brushing first coat in different directions to penetrate & fill pores, pinholes and hairline cracks. Smooth out the second coat by lightly brushing in one direction across wall. To avoid lap marks, complete from corner to corner in one application. Dip brush in clean water often for easier workability. Allow first coat to dry 24-48 hours (or longer in unventilated or severe leaking areas). Dampen surface lightly with clean water prior to applying second coat. Follow same procedures to apply second coat. Can create textured or swirled finishes. Note: for bottom third of basement wall with persistent water seepage problems, apply a thicker second coat or even a third coat.

Recommended Sprayer: Kodiak M2 (by American Spray Technologies, Auburn WA).
Nozzle size 5/16″.

1st coat over bare smooth/non-porous surface or 2nd coat application:

Up to 350 sq ft (32,5 m²). 1st coat over rough/porous surface: approximately 280 sq ft (26,0 m²).

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